Collaboration Just Got Better

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Posted by: Jon


We like to use Google Docs a lot here at I-SITE. We strive on collaboration and with our team size there is no other way to work. Using Google docs for brainstorming and real time updates is perfect for us and it allows the whole team to be a part of the project. We do use Basecamp for to-do’s, milestones and QA but it’s not something our team gravitated to for brainstorming. The other important job we do as a team here is site architecture. We have our own style for creating sitemaps, userflows and wireframes and Monica makes them look great but it’s knowing what goes where that we do as a team.

Things just got a little easier for us with the release of Google Insert Drawing. You can now create sitemaps, userflows and wireframes in Google Drawing and insert them into a collaborative document you and your team have been working on. Now, with us we would take these drawings and “pretty” them up a bit for clients but that’s not something you need to do as these drawings look fine. It also depends on what your client is expecting from you. So try it out if you get a chance as I know we will. Read more about Google Insert Drawing.