Happy Earth Day From the I-SITE Team

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Posted by: Steve


Earth Day is a great time to promote web standards, because leaner, cleaner, more efficient markup requires less server resources, which in turn saves energy!

If you’re not familiar with web standards, here are some great resources to get started:

Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman
This is the book that got me started with web standards. Zeldman is an expert in the field who makes a detailed and compelling case for caring about standards and accessibility, and then gets into some practical tips to clean up your markup.

The World Wide Web Consortium
This organization develops the technical specifications and guidelines that make up web standards.

A List Apart
This site is a great resource for any web designer or developer, and contains hundreds of articles that offer solid tips for building clean, accessible web sites.

If you’d like to talk more about web standards and why they are important to your next project, feel free to contact us.


And web standards aren’t the only way that we stay green here at I-SITE:

  • Many of us walk or ride our bicycles to work every day instead of driving.
  • When possible we work with our windows open instead of running the air conditioning.
  • We keep our lights at 60% brightness (because web people hate bright lights!)
  • And of course we recycle every bottle of beer that we drink!

If you want to see us REALLY get green, then be sure to check out our next soccer match coming in June. Stay tuned for more details.