I-SITE Doubles the Fun with Sales Training Game for the iPad

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Recently iPads have been flooding into the sales department of companies around the globe – thankfully replacing the aged and often frustrating enterprise laptop. Would you rather pitch your story holding an old, brick-like Dell or a sleek, sexy iPad!?

The I-SITE team is currently working on a multi-player game project that makes the most of our new favorite device and is perfect for leaders looking for an engaging and flexible way to train their sales reps in groups. Dubbed DoubleUp the game is based on those TV game shows that filled our living rooms back in the day. The I-SITE team initially developed the game for the desktop and it has already proven itself as an effective learning tool in numerous sessions with groups ranging in size from 15 to 30.

So how does it work? Prior to a training session, the group leader upload all of his/her questions and multiple choice answers through an administrative interface. Then once he/she has collected the group together in a room with a projector, each player logs in via a unique ID they are provided with and creates their gamer profile.

Then, the team is ready to play! The fun for the sales rep isn’t just playing the game on their iPad. It’s following his/her ranking against other team members on the leader board projected at the front of the room. During the sessions, we’ve witnessed the users getting quite competitive, but thankfully everyone remains friends afterwards.

Like the classic game shows, players have a limited amount of time to submit their answer for the multiple choice question. They can also DoubleUp their points if they’re confident they know the answer. Essential in any training exercise, the leader can pause the game at anytime to discuss a question or related issue. At the end of the game, the leader board declares the winners and runner-ups.

Originally created in Flash, we determined that Adobe Air was the best development solution for the iPad. We were able to leverage the the pre-existing code and QA to make the transition to the new platform as simple as possible for the player interface. Adobe Air takes full advantage of the new iPads GPU (graphic processor unit) ensuring a beautiful interface and smooth animations and sound.

So, if you’re ready to leverage the power of your team’s iPads beyond call notes and sales aids, contact us today.