I-SITE Plants Seed with Data Garden Website

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Posted by: Ian


Upcycle all your CD cases today and join I-SITE and record label Data Garden in the Plantable Music revolution. Launched in mid-October, Data Garden is addressing the need for access to music and the the natural human desire to own an awesome physical object by releasing digital album codes on artwork that can grow into living plants.

The Data Garden website was the result of a collaboration between co-founders Alex Tyson and Joe Patitucci, I-SITE’s Ian Cross who is a partner in Data Garden, and Vancouver GIF artist Nicolas Sassoon. I-SITE’s Chris Ell took a lead in the development. The team set out to develop a site that is essentially digital, easy-to-use, exploratory and rewarding. How long can deleted files how do i recover deleted files on android be recovered from a folder in Windows 10? Journal articles take center stage in the design drawing primarily from the rich heritage of electronic music and arts from the second half of the 20th Century. Built on WordPress, the site is rich in archival video and audio. The site is integrated with Soundcloud and Bandcamp for audio browsing and purchase music from Data Garden artists that are available both in limited edition Plantable Music and download only formats. It can recover files that have been recently deleted or lost due computer crashed can i recover files to formatting or other reasons.

As the fanbase grows so will the site with new community features and fresh content. The team is heavily vested in analytics, social media, interaction with the journal content and optimizing the e-commerce functionality of the website to grow the community and drive sales of Data Garden’s catalog. The site will also promote Data Garden events including The Switched-On Garden v2.0, the 2012 follow up to the launch event at Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia that attracted over 700 attendees.