Hidden City Festival Website

Hidden City Philadelphia


  • Design
  • Development
  • Hosting & Administration
  • Project Management

Tech Specs

  • Custom Mapping
  • Database
  • Events Listing
  • Ruby on Rails

In 2013 Hidden City Philadelphia approached I-SITE to design and develop a website and web application for their site-specific Festival. The goal was to develop and engage a passionate community of festival supporters and participants inspired by a ‘kickstarter’ community-driven model.hiddencity_project

Phase I of the website was focused on promoting the Hidden City sites, the artists and their projects. Festival supporters were able to create user accounts and donate not only money but the valuable volunteer time and project materials that are vital to seeing artist project through to fruition.  The I-SITE team selected Ruby on Rails for the CMS and website because it is a clean and efficient web framework for building robust web applications.

The next phase of the project involved addition of Events features and ticketing through project partner Ticket Leap.

For more information on this project and if your interested in creating something similar for your organization contact Ian Cross.